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SDLP support for RUC pensions will anger victims

27 June, 2007

Mr O'Dowd said:

"The RUC Part-Time Reserve was a unionist militia. Its disbandment is an integral part of bringing about the new beginning demanded by the Good Friday Agreement. Many victims of collusion and human rights abuses by this force will have been angered by the SDLP calls for additional pensions to be paid to these individuals from the public purse.

"It must be remembered that these individuals will all have pension provision from their other jobs. They were also paid extortionate amounts of public money during the time they spent in this militia.

"The fact that the SDLP support for this measure came only 24 hours after the British State publicly declared that it was closing ranks and protecting those involved in collusion from within the old RUC will anger victims and survivors even more." ENDS

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