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the legacy of Tony Blair-Sinn Féin

27 June, 2007

"It is only right that as Mr Blair's time in Downing Street comes to an end that we acknowledge the very positive contribution he has made to the peace process and to the building of new relationships in Ireland and between Ireland and Britain.

"There is no doubt that Tony Blair devoted more time and energy on finding a peaceful way forward than any other British Prime Minister. But as Irish republicans, while we should acknowledge the positive contribution he made to the Irish Peace Process our job is to create the conditions in which the British sovereignty over any part of Ireland is removed and the relationship between the two islands is between two sovereign nations.

"However this is all part of a process and we will continue to work constructively with the Gordon Brown to make further progress on the peace dividend, the truth around collusion and Irish reunification.

"On other areas of foreign policy such as Afghanistan and Iraq on which we profoundly disagreed with him I don't believe he will be judged so favorably.

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