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Sinn Féin MLA to attend university panel discussion

27 June, 2007

Ms Mc Cann said,

"I am pleased to take part in this constructive debate with representatives from the DUP, SDLP, Alliance, UUP and PUP. This event, part of the Fordham Summer School, is one of a number of events which gives New York law students an insight into our conflict resolution and how Sinn Féin et al augers to build a shared future for all in Ireland.

" My priority is to see more women elected to the Assembly and Councils across Ireland. There are not enough women involved in politics at the level of government, assembly and council. Sinn Fein have eight MLAs. There are two Sinn Fein Ministers. I am working to see that more women get elected. There is no shortage of women involved in political life at all levels especially community but they are invisible and their good work is not valued as it should be and I shall be conveying this message tonight. "

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