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Substance of EU Constitution Remains Intact - McDonald

27 June, 2007

As the European Parliament met with the Presidents of the Council and the Commission, Sinn Féin MEP for Dublin Mary Lou McDonald pointed out that “Ms Merkel’s speech today left many members questioning what has the ‘period  of reflection’ post the 2005 Dutch and French rejections of the EU Constitution led to?”

Speaking from the European Parliament in Brussels Ms McDonald said:

"Last weeks EU summit failed spectacularly to deal with the real issues and concerns of ordinary people across Europe. Despite two years of protest against the proposed Constitution and participation by millions of citizens in putting forward an alterative vision for Europe based on equality and democracy Angela Merkel today stated that the substance of the Constitution remains intact.

"Ms Merkel claims that the treaty has been made more social. Whilst we welcome her admission that the original constitution treaty was not conducive to a social Europe it has yet to be detailed to us how exactly the ‘reform treaty’ is.

“After Angela Merkel’s speech today it appears that last weeks EU summit has successfully pushed through the spirit and substance of the maligned EU Constitution. In tandem it has given the French and Dutch governments a vehicle by which they can avoid putting the treaty to another referendum in their respective countries.

"Has the period of reflection simply been a cosmetic exercise serving solely the interests of the European elite who wish to pursue an increasingly militarised, undemocratic privatised Europe? After today it would certainly appear so."



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