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28 June, 2007

The National Roads Authority has proposed a route through the Gabhra valley between the hills of Tara and Skryne. Former minister for Environment Dick Roche approved the construction of the road in his last days of office against the advice from locals, archaeologists and other interest groups

Speaking on the issue David Joyce of Meath Ógra Shinn Féin said,

"The whole idea of a motorway and interchange so close to what is an archaeological site of such importance is nauseating, Tara is of critical importance for Irish people as a symbol of national identity, it should be treasured and protected by our respective governments come what may. The determination of this Fianna Fail party and their ignorance prove that today's Irish government care more for foreign investors than they do for the Irish public. The fact of the matter is the road can be redirected West of Tara . The redirection of the M3 west of Tara will cut the length of the motorway by seven kilometres, cut costs by up to 80 million and most importantly rescue one of Irelands most important pre-historic complexes"

"What is certainly disturbing are the green party's excuses since it has entered government with Fianna Fail. Minister Gormley now claims he is powerless to stop the M3 from proceeding after its approval by the former minister. If the greens think that the Irish people will accept this blatant lie they are wrong, it is obvious that the building of the M3 was a concession made by the greens to FF in their pre-government negotiations. This is in stark contrast to pre-government greens that pledged to save the Gabhra valley, and even had it as one of their most important issues on their election manifesto. "

"Another disgraceful note on this disgraceful issue is the proposed double tolling of the M3. This is further proving of Fianna Fails alliance to big business, the M3 that is funded by the public exchequer is going to be privately owned. As well as this commuters in Meath may have to pay two tolls on their way to work in the morning and too on their way home. This just demonstrates the power money wields in our country in this day and age"

"Meath Ógra Shinn Féin pledges full support the campaign to save Tara and have the M3 rerouted away from the site of massive historical importance and to bring and end to the destruction to our nation heritage. " ENDS

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