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Sinn Féin EU Reform Treaty Referendum Committee holds first meeting

6 July, 2007

Following Bertie Ahern’s announcement that Ireland will hold a referendum next year on the repackaged EU Constitution Sinn Féin this morning convened the first meeting of its EU Reform Treaty Committee who will be responsible for the party’s referendum campaign.

Speaking from Sinn Féin’s Head Office where the meeting took place Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald said:

“Sinn Féin has today convened the first meeting of the party’s EU Reform Treaty Campaign. This committee, which includes members of our European team, leadership, policy advisors and activists, has been tasked to strategically determine and implement Sinn Féin’s referendum campaign.

“Since the French and Dutch electorate rejected the EU Constitution in 2005 the European Union political establishment has been in disarray, unsure how to successfully complete the Constitution project.

“It is worth remembering that the Constitution has only been put to four referendums throughout the 25 member states. When given a voice the ordinary people of Europe have in equal measure rejected the political objectives of the Treaty.

“With so much at stake the project was put on hold and the so called ‘period of reflection’, was put in place giving Angela Merkel time to develop the repackaged Constitution blue-print. Far from listening to the people of Europe the period of reflection has been cynically used to push through the political agenda of those supporting the Constitution project.

“We now find ourselves in the astonishing position where we are being presented with, by Bertie Ahern’s own admission, a Reform Treaty that keeps intact most of the content of the original Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe.

“With the Green Party in government with Fianna Fáil and Labour having supported the EU Constitution it appears at this early stage in the campaign that Sinn Féin may be the only Irish political party campaigning against the Reform Treaty.

“We call on both the Green Party and Labour to reflect on the political objectives of the Reform Treaty and to take into account the concerns raised by millions of citizens across the 25 member states. We hope that the left in Ireland, including the Greens and Labour, will unite in this fight against militarism, privatization, and a deepening of the superstate objectives of the European elite. CRIOCH



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