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Committee's report "Highlights serious concerns over PFI" – Sinn Féin

11 July, 2007

"This is an important report by the Committee, which raises many serious questions about the efficacy of PFI - not least those issues which have been identified by the Public Accounts Committee at Westminster.

Sinn Féin believes there is a compelling case for the redeployment of Civil Service and public sector jobs more equitably across the Six Counties.

The Committee's report has properly examined the proposed PFI for Workplace 2010 in the wider context of the redeployment of Civil Service and public sector jobs.

Significantly, the Committee's report has raised concerns about the likely long-term impact on such desirable redeployment across the North if Workplace 2010 is given the go-ahead as a PFI project in its current format. Sinn Féin shares those concerns.

The Committee's report has also raised important questions about the manner in which the long-term impact on the public purse has been assessed to date by the Department for Finance and Personnel.

Sinn Féin remains opposed to the use of PFI on the basis that it serves the interests of private corporations more than the interests of the general public. Our opposition to PFI is being bolstered by repeated and increasing concerns about the management and delivery of such projects over recent years.

The Committee's report does nothing to assuage those concerns."



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