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Anger over vandalism at GAA properties

18 July, 2007

'Unnecessary, pure wanton vandalism' was how Cllr. Cathal Boylan, MLA, described the scene's he and colleague Cllr. Cathy Rafferty visited at two separate GAA properties in County Armagh.

The first was at the County training facility at Callanbridge, where four windows were broken in the changing rooms. This is not the first time windows have been broken here, the board have had to replace windows and frames a number of times. 'The sad thing is the people carrying this out are from the local community, indeed many of them and their family members probably even play for local GAA teams - so the attacks are against themselves and their friends and neighbours.'

A broken security gate, smashed door windows and an attempt to set fire to the building using burning tyres was the next greeting the two representatives received at the Pearse Og's GAA club. 'This is absolutely disgusting' said Cathy Rafferty, 'the local clubs put in a lot of hard work for the young people of the community and this is how they are repaid.'

'Let's be perfectly clear about this, there can be no justification for this, it is an attack on local community based facilities, these destructive elements should be confronted by the communities and in a lot of the cases their parents should be made to face up to their responsibilities.'ENDS

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