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Confirmation of end to British operation

25 July, 2007

Sinn Féin Newry Armagh MP Conor Murphy has welcomed confirmation from British Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth that the almost 40 year British military operation of the Six Counties will end on July 31st.

Mr Murphy said:

"The British military occupation of the Six Counties has blighted local communities for almost 40 years, not least in areas such as South Armagh.

"Not only was land stolen from local people but communities were harassed and spy posts and other war apparatus blighted this area.

"The British Military occupation also brought with it the counter insurgency 'dirty war' agenda including the policy of collusion and the arming and directing of Loyalist paramilitaries, the torture of civilians and the widespread repression of the nationalist population.

"Sinn Féin made the demilitarisation of Republican heartlands like South Armagh a political priority. We put this issue on the agenda and I am satisfied that the British Army operation started in 1969 is now finally coming to an end. We will continue to press for the total end to the British military occupation of the Six Counties." ENDS

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