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Sinn Féin MLA calls for zero tolerance for Drug Dealers

31 July, 2007

Sinn Féin MLA Martina Anderson has called for zero tolerance and the full rigours of the law to be brought to bear on drug dealers.

Ms Anderson said,

"Time and time again we see these purveyors of death in court making excuses as to why they became involved in drug dealing and pleading leniency.

"Although most of the dealers who end up in court are at the lower end of the scale we must however, show that drug dealing will not be tolerated at any level if we are to break the chain of misery created by drug dealing.

"If communities are to have confidence in the law then they need to see these drug dealers being removed from the communities that they prey on for a long time.

"Far too often dealers are caught red handed one day, charged and released the next day with a derisory fine or get a suspended sentence. No sooner are they out the courthouse door but they are back on the streets again poisoning our youth. This is the wrong message to send out especially when it is widely known the massive amounts of money the druglords derive from their vile trade.

"Only this weekend a young man of 19 was poisoned by heroin in Ballymena yet the dealers will never be charged with his murder and if caught today would most likely be back on the streets again by the weekend.

"This needs to end and longer sentences must be introduced to make these dealers think twice before poisoning our communities." ENDS

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