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Swift response to British Foot-and-Mouth Disease outbreak welcomed

4 August, 2007

Sinn Féin Agriculture Spokesperson, Fermanagh South Tyrone MLA Gerry McHugh has welcomed the swift response of party colleague, Farm Minister Michelle Gildernew to the confirmation of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Surrey, England.

Mr McHugh said:

"Now that we have confirmation of an outbreak of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Britain it is essential that measures are put in place to protect the industry in Ireland.

"Sinn Féin favours the fortress Ireland approach. We need to take all steps to ensure that we trace all imports from Britain and that we close our borders to any further British imports.

"The swift response from the Agriculture Minister is welcome and we need to maintain a collective response across the island of Ireland.

"This situation again underlines Sinn Féin's serious concerns at having our farmers and produced tied to Britain and the argument for the development and recognition of clean green Irish produce for producers across the island." ENDS

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