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Weekend Attacks Wrong

6 August, 2007

Sinn Féin Councillor for the Bogside area Peter Anderson has called on those responsible for sectarian petrol and paint attacks on the city's Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall to desist immediately from this sectarian behaviour. Councillor Anderson was speaking following incidents which took place in the area at the weekend.

Councillor Anderson said,

"The weekend attacks were completely reprehensible, I condemn these type of attacks unreservedly from whatever side they come from. Those involved in these anti-community and sectarian attacks are unrepresentative of the Bogside Community and in many instances do not even come from the immediate area. Attacks like these leave residents at interfaces right across the city constantly living in fear, and the elderly residents living in the Fahan Street /St.Columbs wells area are no different.

"At a time when communities are striving to cement peace and encourage reconciliation it would appear that there is a small minority of misguided individuals living in the past. They can have no place in our society and those involved should hang their heads in shame.

"There has been much good work done right across the city in trying to decrease sectarian tensions, and trying to promote Derry as a safe environment for all .I know that community workers have been out on the ground over the weekend and had on several occasions dissuaded young people ,some as young as 12 years of age, away from this behaviour .They should be commended for this work.

"I would encourage more local people to get involved in this type of community leadership. Sectarian attacks are wrong, and should not be tolerated. I would appeal to those who would carry out such attacks to stop before someone is seriously injured or killed." ENDS

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