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ID Card Fiasco

9 August, 2007

Sinn Féin Equality spokesperson Martina Anderson has called on the British Government to immediately scrap plans for a new ID card scheme. Over £5 billion has been spent on developing the new ID card to date and experts have now predicted widespread technology failures.

Ms Anderson said:

"There have been fears expressed from the outset about the whole concept of the ID Cards being proposed by the British Government. They have been rightly seen by many as gross is an infringement on peoples civil liberties and smacks of a Big Brother society.

"There have now been new concerns raised about the use of fingerprint identification on the cards. A new study by Prof Daugman, of Cambridge University's computer laboratory has found that there could be as many as one in 1,000 "false matches" by the time there were six million people in the system. This in effect could mean using fingerprints to identify individuals would leave thousands of card-holders being wrongly matched with other people's details.

"The ID card scheme is a fiasco. It is estimated that the cost so far of the controversial ID card scheme has now passed the £5 billion mark. That is a scandalous waste of public money." ENDS

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