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Farming Industry challenged to go Green

9 August, 2007

Sinn Féin Agriculture Spokesperson, Fermanagh South Tyrone MLA Gerry McHugh has challenged the farming industry to develop its clean green Irish branding in a bid to end the negative perceptions linked to British produce.

Mr McHugh said:

"Clearly across the world British produce is being viewed negatively. It is not just that they have now had a second outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease within a short number of years, but the BSE crisis also damaged the reputation of British produce.

"It is damaging to local farmers that our produce in being tainted with this negative image.

"There is a challenge to for local industry to develop its clean green Irish branding in order to overcome the liability of being bracketed with produce from Britain.

"While there has been progress at EU level in setting our farmers apart from Britain I believe that if the local industry took more responsibility and a progress approach in how our produce is marketed internationally that it would begin to pay not just short term but also long term dividends.

"The challenge for our agriculture industry it is break the perception linking our produce with Britain and to go green by building on the internationally recognised clean image of Irish produce." ENDS

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