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Murphy - British Must Publish Uncensored Collusion Report

23 September, 2003

Sinn Féin spokesperson on the issue of collusion Conor Murphy has warned the British government to publish the findings of Judge Corry in full and uncensored.

Mr. Murphy said:

" In the past successive British Administrations in Ireland have refused to publish reports compiled into their policy of state sanctioned murder. This was the case with Stalker, Samson and the various Stevens Reports.

" It is now expected that Judge Corry will deliver his findings to the British government in early October. Already sources close to the British government appear to be indicating that they will again refuse to publish uncensored the results of this probe into their activities.

" As with the previous reports into collusion it would be completely unacceptable from our perspective and from the perspective of the wider nationalist and republican community if the British government are going to go down the censorship road once again.

" The British government have an opportunity to come clean on their collusion policy. This opportunity should be grasped and the securocrats within the British government and the PSNI who are attempting to stop the search for the truth must be faced down." ENDS

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