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Housing Executive challenged to reveal cost of repairing damage from Loyalist Bonfires

31 August, 2007

Sinn Féin Representative for Banbridge and District, Cllr Dessie Ward, has called on the Housing Executive's 'Community Cohesion' Unit to provide him with information on the cost of repairing their land on which loyalist bonfires are held each year.

Cllr. Ward said:

"Many people have rightly expressed concern about the cost to the Housing Executive of having to repair the damage to their property and lands caused by Loyalist Bonfires.

"This week contractors employed by the Housing Executive have been out repairing the extensive damaged caused at the sites of loyalist bonfire in the area. Given the fact that many nearby homes almost caught fire because of these bonfires and the reality that many were also decorated with sectarian slogans, many people feel these bonfires shouldn't even be taking place never mind having public money spent repairing the ground afterwards.

"I have made a formal request for information about the cost of carrying this work out each year and have also queried the Housing Executives policy on this matter. In my view this money would be better spent if it were added to the normal maintenance budget to carry out some much needed repairs to Housing Executive dwellings." ENDS

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