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‘Drive Flash, Drive Fast, Drive Furious’ – Media undermining Road Safety message

11 September, 2007

Sinn Féin Road safety spokesperson, Cathal Boylan MLA has said that the media glorification of the 'Drive Flash, Drive Fast, Drive Furious' advertising agenda only serves to undermine the message that people need to slow down on the roads and drive responsibly.

Commenting on the news that BBC "Top Gear" presenter Richard Hammond was involved in another car incident at the weekend, less than a year after nearly losing his life in a 288 mph crash, Mr Boylan has said that a very misleading and potential deadly message was being sent out to young people in particular.

Mr Boylan said:

"Whilst thankfully nobody including Mr Hammond was injured in this latest incident, the message being sent out to people, particularly young people about cars is, drive flash, drive fast, drive furious.

"Whilst on the one hand huge amounts of money are being spent on campaigns trying to get the message across that Speed Kills, we have these Car programmes pumping out the message that speed is exciting. Whilst that may be true, we should be under no illusion that speed on our roads is a main contributor to the daily carnage that we are experiencing." ENDS

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