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Sinn Féin continue to support Shell to Sea Campaign - Ó Broin

14 September, 2007

Speaking this afternoon from Rossport Sinn Féin Dun Laoghaire representative Eoin Ó Broin has pledged the party’s full support to this campaign and vowed to continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the community in their fight against this Shell Corrib Project.

Mr Ó Broin stated that “this morning has seen activists travel from all over the island to show solidarity with the local community, who are vehemently opposed to the Shell Corrib Project, despite media and government spin.

“I strongly condemn the heavy handed tactics by Gardaí during this morning’s peaceful process. It was both unacceptable and unnecessary.

“This campaign has sought to prevent the construction of a potentially lethal pipeline carrying unprocessed odourless gas at dangerously high pressure in close proximity to local’s homes.

“This type of project has never been tried before and it is unacceptable that Shell and this Fianna Fáil led government are willing to use locals as guinea pigs in their experiment in order to save money.

“Let us not forget Fianna Fáil has created this impasse by literally handing over the country’s oil and gas fields to multinationals at no real fiscal benefit to the country’s citizens.

“The state’s role should be one of maintaining Ireland’s natural resources on behalf of the people and any sale and development of such resources should be of maximum benefit the people, not multinationals.

“Instead we are witnessing the mass giveaway of a vital natural resource to Shell, Statoil and Marathon. The estimated value of the Corrib gas find alone is €8.4 billion. Just imagine what this money could achieve by being pumped into healthcare, transport and education projects, instead of going straight into Shell profits.

“This is the great gas giveaway and Sinn Féin will oppose this government’s reckless policy of overseeing Shell’s robbery of our natural resources.”


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