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McDonald questions motivation of Taoiseach comments on Reform Treaty

18 September, 2007

Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has questioned the motivation behind Taoiseach Ahern’s comments yesterday that those who will oppose the forthcoming EU Reform Treaty are dedicated to finding new and creative ways of attacking the European Union.

Ms McDonald said:

“Opposition to the EU Reform Treaty does not equal opposition to the European Union. It is disingenuous of the Taoiseach to suggest otherwise.

“All major EU players are agreed that the content of the Treaty will differ little from its much maligned forerunner, the EU Constitution.

“The French and Dutch people rejected the EU Constitution not because they sought ‘a new way of attacking the European Union’ but rather because they understood it would do nothing to improve the lives of ordinary people.

“The EU Reform Treaty like the Constitution will deepen inequality and social injustice. It will reinforce an unnecessary Fortress Europe and continue the attack on civil liberties.

“Irish neutrality will be further sacrificed and investment in the militarisation will increase. Centralisation of power in the EU will intensify at the cost of national government decision making.

“Perhaps this matters little to a Taoiseach who has already announced his intention to resign as leader of Fianna Fáil during this Dáil term and is now looking to become President of the European Council, a job that does not actually exist but will do if the EU Reform Treaty is passed.” CRÍOCH         

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