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Gormley must reject incineration – Ferris

11 October, 2007

Sinn Féin Environment Spokesperson Martin Ferris has criticised Environment Minister John Gormley for advocating the need for two incinerators in Ireland. Deputy Ferris said the Green Party Minister should reject out of hand any proposals for incineration and embrace his party's previous policy of reduce, reuse and recycle towards zero waste.

Speaking today Deputy Ferris said, "Green Party Environment Minister John Gormley should be condemned for advocating incineration in Ireland. His position today on incineration is in stark contrast to the position he took when sitting on the opposition benches in the last Dáil.

"In fact he was one of the most vocal opponents of incineration at that time and was a vital part of the campaign against incineration in his own constituency of Dublin South East.

"The devastating health and safety impacts of incineration on communities are well known. However, another problem is that to remain economically viable incinerators have to consume vast amounts of waste which actually encourages the production of more waste.

"This is not the direction Ireland should be going in terms of waste management and I would call on the Minister to reject out of hand any proposals for incineration. Rather, the Minister should embrace his party's previous policy, and Sinn Féin's current policy, of reduction, re-use and recycle towards zero waste.

"Increasing recycling rates show that the Irish people are quite prepared to embrace this policy if the infrastructure is there. This is where the Minister's priority should be." ENDS

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