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Government must think outside the box to cut CO2 emissions - McDonald

24 October, 2007

Speaking after this mornings European Parliamentary vote on CO2 emissions Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has highlighted the need for member state governments to think outside the box when it comes to taking cars off the roads.


The Dublin MEP said:


“19% of European Union CO2 emissions are produced by passenger cars and light-commercial vehicles and this figure is only set to increase with the continuous growth of the car sales throughout Europe.


“Government transport policies need to include imaginative solutions to cutting emissions. For example Sinn Fein has called for VRT to reflect emission levels rather than engine size. Government has delayed introducing such a measure. They also need to look at incentives for consumers, particularly in the area of biofuels, eco-driving and miles driven.”


“The most effective and efficient method by which member states countries can reduce CO2 emissions is with increased use of public transport.


“However worthy words alone spoken from the parliament in Europe will not reduce CO2 emissions. Action is needed. If we are to get Irish people to buy into public transport then government must put its money where it mouth is and bring Ireland in line with other European countries when it comes to investing into public transport.


“Dublin city and its suburbs urgently need a fully integrated public transport system. Current car usage is at it highest in lower/lower middle income areas due to the locations of employment and the length of their journey to work.


“Transport 21 includes a number of public transport projects to be rolled out over the coming years. Whilst such an investment is welcome there appears to be no sense of urgency in the delivery of these projects. Climate change will not wait.” CRÍOCH



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