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EU Directive will lead the way to privatisation of postal services - de Brún

31 January, 2008 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Responding to a EU directive on opening the market in postal services, Sinn Féin MEP Bairbre de Brún has said that this will be detrimental to Royal mail workers, local post offices and the public and will pave the way to privatisation in public services.

Speaking in Brussels Bairbre de Brún said:

"In bringing forward this proposed directive on opening the market in postal services there has been no assessment of the social impact it will have, and there has been no serious consultation with post office management, with employees or with consumers.

"Royal Mail already cites the pressure of competition for providing less of a service and poorer working conditions than before. Royal Mail Workers and local post offices face serious problems and this proposal will make a bad situation even worse.

"This EU Directive will allow private postal companies to swamp the market and will bring the same problems to the delivery of standard letters that we have seen with the deregulation of parcel deliveries.

"People do not want to be presented with an array of competing post offices marketing their products. They want a reliable postal service which will deliver their mail with the minimum of fuss and which will keep local post offices at the centre of the communities they serve.

"There is no demand, no logic and no justification for the liberalisation of postal services.

"Across Ireland rural and isolated communities are dependent on a postal service delivering letters regardless of profit motives. The EU Commission's attempt to commercialise the delivery of letters is a dangerous and foolish move for which villages and rural communities across Ireland will pay dearly." Críoch

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