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Government once again refuse to name the date for the Lisbon Treaty Referendum

6 March, 2008

Responding to today’s publication of the Referendum Bill Sinn Fein Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald said:


“Today the government published its legislation on the Lisbon Treaty.  And once again they have avoided naming a date for the referendum.  It is clear at this stage that they are avoiding naming the date in order to delay the starting of the debate. They don’t want to debate the facts in the Treaty.


“This afternoon I contacted Government Publications to get a copy of the Lisbon Treaty for a constituent.  They have no copy of the Lisbon Treaty, no consolidated text and no copy of the Treaties on which the Lisbon Treaty is based.


“It is a disgrace that the government are failing to make the text of the Treaty widely available so that people can make up their own minds.


“The legislation tells us nothing new. It sets out the government opinion on the Lisbon Treaty but avoids mentioning that Ireland will:


  • lose a commissioner for five out of every fifteen years
  • half our voting strength while bigger countries like Britain, Germany and Italy double their voting strength
  • give substantial additional powers to EU institutions
  • allow EU Treaties to be self amending in the new Passarelle Clauses


“In terms of neutrality it merely re-states the position at the time of the Nice Referendum but fails to mention that the context has changed entirely because this Treaty commits the EU to a common security and defence policy.  It is no longer wishful thinking on the part of EU securocrats.


“The Lisbon Treaty is a bad deal for Ireland and should be rejected.” CRÍOCH


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