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SDLP need to clarify position on border poll

16 November, 2003

Sinn Féin representative for Newry & Armagh Conor Murphy has called on the SDLP to clarify its position on a referendum on the issue of Irish Unity.

Mr Murphy said:

" During the last Westminster election campaign the SDLP proclaimed themselves as being a post-nationalist party. The main plank of this approach was that the SDLP would not accept a 50% plus one vote for Irish unity in any border poll.

" Sinn Féin's position is crystal clear. We ensured that the mechanism to trigger a border poll and subsequent polls every 7 years was inserted into the Good Friday Agreement. Sinn Féin will ensure that a 50% plus one outcome for Irish unity is immediately legislated for. There can be no negotiation about that.

" This week the SDLP called for a border poll. However they have so far failed to tell us if they would respect a 50% plus one outcome in favour of Irish unity. Is the SDLP still a 'post-nationalist' party or has it genuinely shifted to a united Ireland position. The SDLP need to clarify this crucially important point." ENDS

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