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Sinn Féin TDs sign open letter opposing expulsion of Irish citizen children

20 November, 2003

The five Sinn Féin TDs have joined other prominent individuals and human rights groups in signing an open letter to the Minister for Justice initiated by the Coalition Against the Deportation of Irish Citizens. Deputy Ó Snodaigh said:

"My party supports this campaign. The Sinn Féin TDs wrote to the Minister on this issue during the summer, when the first deportation letters were issued to these families, and I myself have raised this issue in the Dáil repeatedly since the Supreme Court decision was issued in January.

"The Minister's policy of deporting Irish citizen children together with their non-national parents not only goes outside but directly contradicts the Supreme Court ruling. The policy violates these citizens' constitutional and other rights, and as such must be immediately reversed.

"The Human Rights Commission has now made a detailed submission to the Minister including eight recommendations. While the Minister has arrogantly dismissed the Human Rights Commission's concerns on other issues in the past, he must take them on board now. The prospect that 11,000 Irish citizens will be effectively expelled from the country as a sacrifice in the Minister's war on immigrants is an appalling vista. It cannot be allowed." ENDS

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