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Irish Football Association chief refuses to meet Sinn Féin

22 May, 2008

West Belfast Sinn Féin MLA Paul Maskey has described the refusal of Irish Football Association -IFA chief executive Howard Wells to meet with a Sinn Féin delegation today as a disgraceful decision.

'Sinn Féin today requested an urgent meeting with the IFA to discuss the exclusion of Donegal Celtic from the newly formed IFA Invitational League.

'IFA chief executive Howard Wells said that he would only be prepared to meet with Sinn Féin if the meeting was held at a secret location, if the meeting was kept private and if Sinn Féin would not discuss the outcome of the meeting or issue a press statement after the meeting.

'Howard Wells also said that he would not be prepared to discuss the decision to exclude Donegal Celtic from the Invitational League.

'The decision to exclude Donegal Celtic is an issue of enormous concern for the people of west Belfast and to attempt to impose preconditions on a meeting with elected representatives from west Belfast is yet another example of the IFA's lack of transparency and openness.

'The IFA need to be open and accountable "


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