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SF to propose ‘no interest’ motion in fourth Ringsend dump site

22 May, 2008

Sinn Féin councillor Billy Leonard will propose to Coleraine Borough Council next Tuesday that they declare no more interest in the possibility of a fourth waste management site in the Ringsend area outside Coleraine.

There is great controversy in this rural community over the possibility of four waste management sites close to each other. One of them is the super-dump to be used by seven councils in the North West area.

Leonard's proposal will also ask that the North West Group of Councils adopts a similar line.

He said:

"There is very genuine concern about the combined effect of four sites in such a small rural area. Three of the four are private applicants but the fourth potential operation would be on Council owned land at Letterloan Road which has been identified as a possible site for a Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) plant.

That means Coleraine Council can take a definitive stand and say no to this site. In turn we would be saying to the community, we recognise that four sites are too much to ask a community to take and we can lessen the burden. We can then ask the other Councils in the North West group to take a similar line.

If this goes through we will have automatically changed the situation. Yes there will be other battles to fight in different ways but at least if we take the Letterloan Road site permanently out of the equation there will be some relief for this beleaguered community." ENDS

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