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Whatever the problems amongst the Ulster Scots Movement, Irish Speakers are entitled to their rights being secured – Brolly

31 July, 2008 - by Cathal Ó hOisín

Sinn Féin's Irish Language spokesperson Francie Brolly MLA is calling on the DCAL Minister, once again, to secure the rights and entitlements of Gaelgóirí in the North of Ireland through an Irish Language Act.

He said,

"Just two days ago we had Gregory Campbell telling us he wanted to give 'purpose and direction' to what he described as an 'important enterprise'. Yet today we discover that the Ulster Scots Agency has lambasted the Ulster Scots Academy for their 'lack of vision' and their 'misconceived' outlook.

Whatever about these disagreements, what is certain is that we must see equal enthusiasm, commitment and sense of purpose from the Minister in relation to an Gaeilge. He must work to nurture and develop the rich cultural, economic and tourist asset which is the Irish Language.

What he must also do is acknowledge and embrace the rights of Irish speakers across the North of Ireland by introducing and Irish Language Act and thereby securing the rights of Gaelgóirí but also developing this truly worthwhile asset.


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