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Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald to speak at le Fete l'Humanite in Paris

12 September, 2008

Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has been invited to speak at Le Fete l’Humanite, tomorrow (Sat Sep13th) in Paris on the Lisbon Treaty.

Speaking in advance of the event the Dublin MEP said:

“I am looking forward to speaking at le Fete l’Humanite. This is an important annual gathering of political thinkers and activists. At this time le Fete has a particular significance this year as the French hold the current EU Presidency which makes their role in the post Lisbon debate a critical one.

“The EU is at a crossroads following the Irish peoples’ rejection of the Lisbon Treaty three months ago. With European elections coming up there is no doubt but that a post Lisbon political solution must be found. Sinn Féin is ready to get stuck into this job of work has already submitted to the government and circulated throughout the EU Parliament and Commission its ‘A better deal for Ireland and the EU’ proposal document.

“The governments post Lisbon research document published this week evidenced the key issues behind the Irish peoples No Vote. The loss of a commissioner, the erosion of Ireland’s neutrality, the undermining of workers rights and declining democracy between the EU and its member states are.

“The fact is this week’s research did not tell anything we did not already know, here in Ireland or throughout the EU. The Eurobarometer poll following the June referendum, media analysis and public debate have all relayed these concerns.

“Government has made much of the research findings that a significant number of people did not understand the Treaty and its contents. This is the same government, who unlike the French, refused to circulate a consolidated copy of the Treaty to every household. It is worth reflecting that during the public debate in France prior to their rejection of the EU Constitution one in ten adults had read the document cover to cover.

“It is critical that the government and its EU partners acknowledge the fissure between the EU institutions and the people these institutions are in place to serve. This fissure is not just one of democracy. It is also about the policy direction being determined by a handful of European leaders that is at odds with arguably a majority of the 450 million member state citizens.

“It is time now for the Irish government and its EU partner to stop their backroom chats and media kite flying. It is time to get down to preparing the ground for October’s EU summit. Sinn Féin for its part has provided the government with proposed amendments to the Lisbon Treaty tackling the bulk of issues outlined in its research document. I believe these are deliverable amendments and will help shape a renegotiation of the Lisbon Treaty.

“Let President Sarkozy, the EU institutions and the Irish government be in no doubt. It is a renegotiation process that they face.  There can be no re-run of the Treaty in Ireland nor can the government try to by-pass its people by getting parts of the Treaty agreed via the Oireachtas.

“The Lisbon Treaty is finished and a new Treaty deal must be negotiated.” ENDS

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