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Tyrone fans attacked in Armagh

22 September, 2008

Sinn Féin Newry and Armagh Assembly member Cathal Boylan has condemned the latest attacks on GAA supporters in Armagh.

Tyrone fans were attacked on their way to the All-Ireland final on Saturday evening.

When a car containing a man, his wife and children stopped at the traffic lights in Gaol Square, a number of youths approached their car and ripped the Tyrone flags off it. A number of men alighted from a nearby bus and struck him about the head and attacked his car terrorising his wife and children. The man left the scene and reported the incident to PSNI officers in the reception area of Armagh Station. Their response was "What do you expect us to do?"

Mr. Boylan said,

"I understand that when contacted half an hour later by DPP member, Jimmy Gildernew the Duty Sergeant denied any incident had been reported to the PSNI. Her greatest concern was to get the details of the car to get it stopped as it was possibly now an unsafe vehicle and should not be on the road."

Mr. Boylan continued,

"Considering that supporters' vehicles had been attacked after the semi-final and the ongoing sectarian attacks in that area on Nationalists, Mr. Gildernew spoke to an Inspector in Armagh 10 days ago and was assured that they would take adequate measures to prevent any attacks around the occasion of the final.

"The absence of any PSNI presence around Gaol Square at the time of this most recent attack, despite knowing a Loyalist parade was scheduled for the same time as GAA supporters would be travelling through the area, clearly demonstrates the unwillingness of the PSNI in Armagh to deal with this problem.

"When are the senior PSNI Officers in Armagh going to take steps to root out the sectarianism among their own members and stop them turning a blind eye to situations like this whilst actively seeking any reason to prosecute the victims." ENDS

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