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PSNI actions in West Belfast body find ‘nothing short of unbelievable’ - Maskey

16 October, 2008

Sinn Fein MLA for West Belfast, Paul Maskey, has slammed the actions of the PSNI when they called a West Belfast resident and asked her to check if there was a dead body in her street.

Speaking today Mr Maskey said:

"This fact that a local resident was asked by the PSNI to go out to her street and check if there was a dead body in the street in nothing short of unbelievable.

"The phoning a local resident by getting her phone number of a file on a completely unrelated matter, then asking her to do the PSNI's job, on top of taking over twenty five minutes before actually responded to this incident is a massive failure of responsibility by the PSNI.

"Had this actually been a dead body the outworkings of this scenario are countless; contamination of a murder scene, trauma for the resident discovering a dead body, or if it had have been a violent death the resident could have been putting herself at risk had an attacker been around.

"The PSNI need to answer serious questions on this incident. This type of keystone cop policing is becoming more and more the norm and needs to be challenged at all levels. If anything it highlights the need to get fully accountable and acceptable policing delivered through the transfer of policing and justice powers into local hands." CRÍOCH

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