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Budget 2009 - anti-citizen and anti-republican

19 October, 2008

Sinn Féin Party President Gerry Adams was in Kerry on Saturday at the selection convention to choose the party’s South constituency candidate for next year’s European elections where Cllr. Tóireasa Ferris, the daughter of North Kerry TD Martin Ferris, was selected. 

During his key note address the Sinn Féin President accused the Green Party and others of being part of a government ‘which punishes the young and the elderly and then describes this as a call to patriotic duty! 

Mr. Adams said:  

“This week saw Budget 2009 presented to the Oireachtas. The government presented no new ideas for economic recovery. Instead the people of this state now face savage cuts and additional taxes of an unprecedented nature.  

“This government has never been about the redistribution of wealth or utilizing the economy in the common good. It has always been about looking after its cronies. People are increasingly seeing through this.  

“Budget 2009 also saw the reintroduction of means testing for medical cards for the elderly. Fianna Fáil has never had any real commitment to the provision of universal healthcare but this decision exposes that position as never before.  

“The Green Party and others may back peddle and backbench TDs may protest but this is a government which punishes the young and the elderly and then describes this as a call to patriotic duty!

“Despite all the problems in the Executive in the North last month the Health Minister announced that free medical prescriptions would be introduced for everyone there. 

“And the Health Minister Michael McGimpsey is a Unionist!! 

“The northern Executive is far from being a republican institution but its action on this matter is in marked contrast to the disgraceful Thatcherite approach of Fianna Fáil.  

“Healthcare and education are basic rights and all citizens are entitled to them. That is the democratic and republican position. The Fianna Fail budget is punitive and anti-citizen. It is also anti-republican.” ENDS




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