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McGuinness speaks at Commemoration Event

19 October, 2008

Sinn Féin deputy First Minister Martin McGuiness MP, MLA today attended the HURT "Celebration of Hope - Have Your Tomorrows" commemoration event in St Eugene's Cathedral, Derry.

Speaking at the service, the deputy First Minister said:

"Statistics could never truly show the human impact of suicide or addiction related death - the suffering, the pain, and the devastation felt by those families, friends, and communities left behind - the sense of loss that all of us have to carry with us.

"Often those people affected by addiction issues or mental health issues can be labelled and stigmatised. I have always held true to the view that we judge a society by how we treat these in most need. The lack of support to those in most need diminishes us all."

The deputy First Minister also wanted to pay a special tribute to the many families and friends who were in attendance:

"I would like to pay a special tribute today to the families of those affected by substance abuse, and those who have lost loved ones to addiction or suicide.

"They have shown dignity, strength, and solidarity, developed or borne out of a necessity to survive and continue to live each day without their loved ones. Their spirit should be the lasting testimony of the lost lives we have come to remember tonight and that to the families here this evening they will be always loved and remembered.

"As well as remembering, it is also important that we take action together to provide hope and support for those who need it, and try to ensure that others do not have to go though the same pain, suffering, and loss." ENDS

Note to Editors

HURT, which is based in Clarendon Street, Derry, is a voluntary organisation founded in 2002 which aims to provide a range of services for alcohol and/or drug users and their families. The "Celebration of Hope - Have Your Tomorrows" was held in St Eugene's Cathedral, Derry, and was supported by the Derry Credit Union as part of its corporate sponsorship programme.

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