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McKay welcomes Drainage Area Study for Dunloy

28 October, 2008

North Antrim Sinn Féin MLA Daithí McKay has welcomed the inclusion of Dunloy as one of 105 areas across the north to be included in NI Water's programme of Drainage Area Studies. However Mr McKay said that drainage problems in parts of the village had gone unaddressed for far too long and that both Rivers Agency and NI Water needed to ensure that the risk of flooding in the village was reduced significantly in the coming months.

Mr McKay said

"Over the past number of months we have met with both the Rivers Agency and NI Water regarding the flooding problems in Dunloy and a Flood Alleviation Scheme has been identified for the village. This scheme will provide separate sewers for storm water within McClelland Park and will increase capacity within the sewerage network. The work will benefit Greenacre and Carrowdoon Park, as well as McClelland Park. This work is to be completed by January 2009 and it is essential that NI Water stick to this deadline.

"Aside from this NI Water is currently undertaking a programme of Drainage Area Studies throughout 105 areas of the north. These studies assess the capacity of sewers and identify, where necessary, sewer upgrading works. Although it was not identified in the initial scope of the work, NI Water has now agreed to the inclusion of Dunloy in this programme which is to be welcomed. A scoping study will be carried out during 2009 to establish the needs within the Dunloy sewerage network.

"NI Water and Rivers Agency need to be working in conjunction with each other to bring major flooding problems in the village to an end and we will continue to pursue this matter until it is resolved satisfactorily." ENDS

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