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UDA statement 'disingenuous'

11 November, 2008 - by Jennifer McCann

Sinn Féin West Belfast MLA Jennifer McCann commenting on the recent statement from the UDA carried in the media today has said that while republicans have engaged in building up relationships, particularly in Belfast and around interfaces that the UDA have failed fully engage in this work.

Ms McCann said:

"This statement from the UDA is disingenuous. It highlights is the fact that they, and indeed many other unionists, have not even begun to understand where nationalists and republicans come from in relation to the RIR and British Army. The fact that these remarks were made at a poppy day event hosted by a loyalist organisation speaks volumes.

"Republicans have worked hard to build relationships particularly in Belfast and around the interfaces. The UDA are not totally engaged in this work. The UDA would better contribute by engaging fully with the structures that exist to deal with these issues.

"There will obviously be a concern about what the UDA really mean. They are still an armed organisation.

"Rather than issuing pious statements the UDA would be better dealing with criminality, including drug dealing and the issue of their weapons." ENDS

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