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Time is running out for parents to avail of up to £1,040 of Children’s Tax Allowance - Sinn Féin

22 December, 2008

Sinn Féin MLA for Newry and Armagh and party spokesperson on welfare Mickey Brady has urged people to check whether they are eligible to claim back up to £1,040 of Children's Tax Allowance as the deadline for applying is the 31st of January 2009.

Speaking today Mr Brady said:

"The deadline for claiming Children's Tax Allowance for the year of 2002/2003 is January the 31st 2009, and is fast approaching. Those who are entitled to it can claim either £520 or £1,040 depending on what bracket you fall in to.

"The Children's Tax Allowance was designed to be an interim measure between the phasing out of the children's element of Income Support and the introduction of Child Tax Credits. As such the Inland Revenue have never publicised its existence and so many people did not avail of it and are still unaware that it exists. Given this, a lot of people may not have claimed it yet but are still entitled to do so.

"You are eligible for the £520 payment if you have a child born between the 6th of April 1986 and the 5th of April 2005, your child lived with you for all or part of the year of 2002/2003, you worked and paid tax for all or part of 2003/2003 and you or you partner earned £6,000 or above for that year.

"For the £1,040 payment all the above criteria apply but your child must be born between the 6th of April 2002 and the 5th of April 2003. The form is available online or at your local tax office and is not difficult to complete.

"Sinn Féin's concern is why this benefit was not publicised or people made aware that it was available . We are calling on the Inland revenue to extend this deadline to allow this scheme to be publicised and to initiate an uptake scheme immediately. We are urging everyone who might think they are eligible for this payment to apply.

"Serious questions however now need answered as to why this scheme has never been publicised leading to those who could have claimed for 2001/2002 now being too late and giving those who are eligible for 2002/2003 very little time to apply."


  • You can access the form at and typing into the search bar: 11ctc.
  • Alternatively call your local tax office and enquire whether you are eligible.
  • Making a claim does not affect your current or future entitlement to Working or Child Tax credits.
  • Your Marital status is irrelevant
  • You cannot claim the allowance twice and if your final tax code on your April 2003 P60 ended in a H or a T, you have already had the allowance.
  • This is an easy claim for you to make so do not get duped into paying someone to do it for you because they are likely to charge a large percentage for their services.

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