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Sinn Féin support Macmillan’s efforts to highlight ‘Cancer Poverty’

22 January, 2009 - by Michelle O'Neill

Sinn Féin MLA and chair of the Health Committee in the Assembly, Michelle

O'Neill, has called for continued support for Macmillan Cancer Trust. Speaking today following a Macmillan Coffee event in the Long Gallery in Stormont to highlight the effects of 'cancer poverty' Ms O'Neill said:

"Macmillan Cancer Trust is carrying out fantastic work and the campaign to end Cancer Poverty is a great and worthy initiative.

"Everyone, no doubt, will know somebody who has been affected by cancer and will now how debilitating it is for the sufferer and their family and friends

"For someone to suffer from cancer and the impact on their families is a devastating enough experience but what many people fail to realise is the financial burden that goes with it.

"Sufferers may not be able to work, the illness can require higher levels of spending on fuel to keep warm, purchasing particular healthy food stuffs, increased transport cost and additional medicines making what has become known as 'cancer poverty' a very real factor.

"It should not be left however just to charities and trusts to help those who are suffering. The Assembly must look at ways to assist also.

"Macmillan Cancer Trust rely on donations for 99% of their income yet do fantastic work with people of all ages who suffer from cancer and offer a wide range of support services for their families. Their highlighting of cancer poverty is to be welcomed an I would encourage everyone to continue to give support to this fantastic charity and sign their pledge postcards."

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