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Sammy Wilson’s bigotry exposed again.

26 January, 2009 - by Sue Ramsey

Sammy Wilson's bigotry exposed again.

Sinn Féin MLA and Chairperson of the Employment and Learning Committee, Sue Ramsey has stated that the comments by DUP Environment Minister, Sammy Wilson, regarding job preferences being held for people from the north of Ireland were racist and need to be withdrawn.

Speaking today Ms Ramsey said:

"Sammy Wilson comments were racist and dangerous and should be withdrawn immediately. As a Minister who has taken a pledge of office he must serve everyone living here equally.

"In times of economic downturn it is all too easy to point the finger and build these kind of arguments.

"What Sammy Wilson fails to recognise is the rights and entitlements of foreign national workers and the fact that laws, especially European laws make working across countries a basic right. Sammy Wilson knows this and the question must be asked why is he making these comments?

"Many people who Sammy may consider foreign workers have been in employed locally for many years and have established themselves and their families within our society. I welcome this fact and their contribution to the economy.

"If anything, migration from the north of Ireland for workers going to other labour markets around the world should very much predicate that Sammy Wilson thinks twice about issuing such statements. If somebody said local people living aboard should not be employed there would be outcry.

"He may have thought that he could get away with making such comments by conditioning his remarks with that people may call him racist or xenophobic. The simple fact is the statement was just that - a racist scapegoating exercise and one that if actually implemented by employers would be considered illegal." CRIOCH

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