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International Roma Day

7 April, 2009 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin Bairbre de Brún MEP marked International Roma Day (8 April) by recalling the positive role that the EU can play.

She said: 

"The European Parliament has actively defended and supported the rights of Roma, Sinti and Travellers.

“In January the Parliament adopted a report on the Situation of Fundamental Rights in the EU which, among other things, called for a European Union framework strategy for Roma inclusion. The discrimination these groups face is a European issue requiring a pro-active response.”

Ms de Brun continued:

"International Roma Day is an occasion for celebrating diversity and the contribution that Roma, Sinti and Travellers make to society. Locally much more must be done to achieve full equality for all and full inclusion of travellers in all spheres of life." 

 “The recent European Parliament report said the EU should seek to tackle the real problems facing people from these communities. This included the provision of a road map for Member States in setting objectives and priorities and the monitoring and evaluation processes with regard to housing, employment and education. The report also recognised that discrimination exists in relation to health care, including forced sterilisation of Roma in some countries.”

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