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Sinn Féin challenge UUP on Westminster expenses

22 April, 2009

Sinn Féin MP Conor Murphy has challenged the Ulster Unionists Party to come clean on whether their current MP, any of their members in the British House of Lords, or any of their former MPs, purchased homes in London paid for by the taxpayer through the second homes allowance. If so who now owns these homes and what happened to any profit made from their sale?   Mr Murphy said:   “Yesterday in an attempt at blatant populism, the Ulster Unionist EU candidate and former MP Jim Nicholson, weighed into the debate on Westminster expenses. Sinn Féin makes no apology for standing up for the rights and entitlements of our electorate.   Sinn Féin MPs do not receive a Westminster salary. None of our MPs or Sinn Féin as a party have purchased properties in London and used the second home allowance to pay for it. This has however been the practice amongst other parties.   The effect of this is that property in London owned by individual MPs being paid for by the taxpayer.   I would challenge Jim Nicholson, since he has now shown an interest in this area, to come clean on the position of current and former UUP MPs and Lords.   How many of them purchased homes in London paid for by the taxpayer?   Who owns these homes now?   Were any subsequently sold on by former MPs/Lords and if so what happened to the profits made?   The standard UUP line to date of ‘we only have one MP’ doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. They need to come clean on former MPs and Lords also. The basic question for the UUP remains – Have any of their members or former members made profits from properties purchased in London and paid for by the taxpayer?   We look forward to Mr Nicholson’s response.” CRÍOCH

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