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"Greater fiscal autonomy required for Assembly" Mitchel McLaughlin MLA

22 April, 2009

Speaking prior to the British Chancellor Alastair Darling tabling his budget today, Sinn Féin Economy Spokesperson, Mitchel McLaughlin MLA (South Antrim) said:   "The present economic climate in which we find ourselves only strengthens the argument for greater fiscal control in the hands of locally elected politicians. Politicians who are responsible to the electorate need to take more control of our economic destiny. Decisions taken by the British Treasury are taken in the interests of the British Government, the British Banking system and economic conditions pertaining principally on the island of Britain. Any affects that these decisions have on conditions in the North of Ireland are peripheral to the thinking of the British Treasury.   “Sinn Féin believes that the only long term solution facing us on this Island, both north and south, is a single strategy on taxation and regional and economic development.   “This Budget as with previous British Budgets will only serve to highlight the continued futility of partition and it’s detrimental impact on the lives of all citizens living here." ENDS

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