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McGuinness calls on 32CSM to condemn attacks on Mitchel McLaughlin's home.

11 May, 2009

Sinn Féin Leader Martin MCGuinness MP,MLA has called on 32CSM spokesperson, Gary Donnelly as a representative of the organisation who facilitated the event at which threats against the Sinn Féin Leadership were made in Derry City Cemetary on Easter Sunday to publicly condemn the attacks on the home of Mitchel McLaughlin and his family.

Martin McGuinness said:

"Whether the individuals who carried out the attack on the McLaughlin home acted unilaterally or in concert with any particular group, the 32CSM who organised the event in Derry City Cemetary on Easter Sunday at which clear threats were directed at the Sinn Féin Leadership can not absolve themselves from the actions of those that are encouraged by these comments.

"I therefore call on Gary Donnelly as a member of the 32CSM to explain that organisations role in setting the stage for these attacks and how they see these actions as contributing to achieving Irish unification. Those who are opposed to the Sinn Féin political project and strategy had the opportunity to oppose us in the European elections but chose not to do so because they know that the vast majority of the Irish people agree with the Sinn Féin strategy.

"It is obvious that those responsible for carrying out these attacks and those in organisations such as the 32CSM who set the context for them are more opposed to Sinn Féin than British government interference in Ireland." Ends

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