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Morgan welcomes announcement of ICTU demonstrations

11 February, 2009

Sinn Féin Finance and Workers' Rights Spokesperson Arthur Morgan TD has welcomed the announcement of a series of major demonstrations from ICTU beginning on 21st February. Deputy Morgan said there is widespread anger among workers at the Government's handling of the economic crisis and specifically it's continued targeting of vulnerable sections of society.

Speaking this afternoon after ICTU General Secretary David Begg made his announcement Deputy Morgan said, "I welcome today's announcement from ICTU. It is only right and proper that working people are provided with an opportunity to vent their frustration at the current economic situation and the Government's performance in relation to it.

"There is huge anger and dissatisfaction out there at the Government's handling of the economic crisis. When we see discredited bankers getting golden handshakes and huge pensions while working families and vulnerable sections of society are being forced to pay for their mistakes it is only natural that people will be angry. This anger is compounded even further by the fact that speculators, who made many millions of euros during the Celtic Tiger years, have not been made to pay their fair share.

"It is particularly important that workers from both private and public sectors stand together at this time amid attempts by the Government and employer organisations to pit them against each other. The pension levy on public sector workers is but an indication of what is to come for all workers regardless of what sector they work in." ENDS

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