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Government must publish Lisbon re-run 'guarantees'

16 February, 2009

Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has this afternoon reiterated the party’s demand for the government to publish the Lisbon Treaty re-run ‘guarantees’ text. Ms McDonald noted that without the detail of what the Irish people are being asked to vote on the Irish Times Lisbon poll pushlished today means little.


Speaking from Leinster House the MEP said:


“The government needs to publish the detail of the ‘guarantees’ it agreed at last December’s Council of Minister’s meeting. Without this detail and an explanation of how government intends to ensure the Lisbon Treaty re-run ‘guarantees’ are legally binding the Irish Times poll means little.


“Contrary to Minister for Europe Dick Roche’s comments this morning the Irish people and Sinn Féin has been unequivocal in their commitment to the EU. Ireland’s place is firmly in Europe. The governments attempt to reshape the debate to one of being in or out of Europe has been a reckless tactic.


“It is also worth reminding the Minister that it is the failed policies of deregulation and privatisation that have fuelled the recession in Ireland as well as the economic downturn in Europe. Successive Fianna Fáil led governments, like their European partners, not only supported these policies they also promoted them.


“The Irish people are now paying the price with billions of euro being spent being poured into the recapitalisation of AIB and Bank of Ireland, the nationalizing of Anglo Irish and not forgetting the cost to the state for guaranteeing Irish banks. The Financial Regulator and his office have resided over this catastrophe under the auspices of the government.


“The proposed ‘guarantees’ do not include a social progress protocol or the protection of public services from increased privatization, both major factors behind the No vote and in the current economic climate this is a huge cause of concern. The government’s ability to invest in the state will also be affected by the Treaty and again the guarantees do not tackle this concern.


“The government needs to publish the text of the ‘guarantees’ so the public debate on the Lisbon re-run can begin. People need to know what they will be asked to vote on when the government re-runs the Treaty.” ENDS


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