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Anderson Welcomes ‘Telehouse’ confirmation

19 February, 2009 - by Maeve McLaughlin

Sinn Féin MLA Martina Anderson welcoming the decision by Arlene Foster, Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) to reinstate the original terms of the Kelvin Project highlights the accountability of the Assembly and the ability of local people to make change.

Ms Anderson said,

"If there is one decision that demonstrates the accountability mechanisms that Sinn Féin negotiated for the Assembly are working in an accountable and transparent fashion it is the decision to relocate the Project Kelvin 'Telehouse' back in its intended location in Derry.

"The decision to change the original destination of the Telehouse from Derry City to Coleraine was described by some as being reminiscent of the decision by the faceless men who in 1965 decided to locate the new university in Coleraine instead of Derry.

"Many people including some of our political opponents stated that the decision to remove the telehouse from Derry to Coleraine was irreversible and Derry would again lose out.

"When I first exposed and highlighted the change to the contract I believed that a political and civic campaign to have the original terms of the contract honoured would succeed. I am pleased that that turned out to be the case. I would like to thank all those people, business people who were prepared to finance a legal challenge, local media outlets, politicians and especially the people of Derry who made their voices heard in their determination to have this decision reversed. It demonstrates clearly that when we 'Stand up for Derry' with a united voice we can make change happen.

"The benefit of having local politicians making local decisions has been vindicated in this instance and highlights how speaking with one confident voice we can produce results.

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