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Sinn Féin launches waste management charter - Towards Zero Waste

17 February, 2004

Dublin South East Sinn Féin is launching a major campaign against incineration and for a proper waste management strategy for Dublin City. This campaign, which is being supported by party spokespersons on the Environment Arthur Morgan TD and Willie Clarke MLA, will involve protests at the proposed site of an incinerator at Ringsend, lobbying of politicians locally and nationally, ongoing consultation with the local community and a waste management charter which we will be asking people to sign. Speaking at the launch of the waste management charter - Towards Zero Waste, Sinn Féin Representative for Dublin South East Daithí Doolan said:

"There is a real waste management crisis in this country. Landfill sites are overflowing, and illegal dumping is widespread. Instead of a comprehensive and effective waste management system being implemented across the island, we have seen plans for a network of incinerators as the primary response to this crisis. Sinn Féin is campaigning for an all-Ireland strategy to combat waste and pollution, a strategy based on waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

"Unlike the government who feel it necessary to bring in draconian legislation to assist them in their plan to impose hazardous incinerators in our cities and towns. We will consult, engage and respond to peoples needs

"We are calling on elected representatives from all parties, environmental groups, community organisations, rural and agricultural groups and the business sector to sign up to this charter and strengthen the campaign for a long term solution to our waste management crisis.

"We also fully understand that the causes and consequences of our waste crisis knows no borders or boundaries. So those in Sinn Féin are in the unique position to implement this charter on an all Ireland basis. All our communities are affected by a waste crisis, all our communities will be affected by incineration and it is up to all of us to implement an environmentally sustainable response. And it is with this charter we hope to play our part and we encourage all others to join with us and do the same."ENDS

Towards Zero Waste

  • A new Zero Waste Strategy that prioritises the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste;
  • Halting and reversing plans for a network of waste incinerators. These proposed incinerators will endanger human health and the environment and will require a constant stream of waste in order to operate, thus working against real waste reduction;
  • Legally requiring the main industrial and commercial producers of waste and packaging to reduce waste production in a planned and targeted manner;
  • A comprehensive strategy for agricultural waste, concentrating on biological treatment of waste in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner;
  • Development of a strategy to ensure that packaging is reusable.
  • Establishing "recycling and reuse" enterprises on a community and commercial basis locally and regionally, providing employment and efficient waste management;
  • Abolishing local authority refuse charges which penalise the householder. (Household waste accounts only for less than 10 per cent of all solid waste.);
  • Reversing the privatisation of local authority refuse services.
  • The establishment of a Waste Agency responsible for the planning, financing and implementation of an all-Ireland waste management strategy, including an island-wide drive to research and establish markets for reclaimed materials;
  • Legislation to allow government, local authorities and other public bodies to give preference to the procurement of recycled and re-used materials;
  • The extension of the Plastic Bag Levy, already enacted in the 26 Counties, to the Six Counties;
  • A major public education programme to promote awareness of waste and resources.

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