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Diplock Courts must go

9 June, 2009 - by Maeve McLaughlin

Sinn Féin Policing Board Member Martina Anderson has slammed the NIO announcement that they plan to extend the use of Diplock courts for another two years. The announcement was placed on the NIO website on the day the EU election count was taking place.

Ms Anderson said:

“The Sinn Féin position on Diplock Courts is crystal clear. These repressive courts are unacceptable, are part of a failed agenda and their use must be ended. Diplock courts have no place in an acceptable and accountable justice system.

“The fact that the NIO tried to slide this announcement out on the day the EU election results were being declared is fairly typical of their approach to these matters. Instead of being up front and having the debate on the future direction of the justice system they instead hide behind press releases.

“This was exactly the approach to government we became used to under Direct Rule and it has long past the time when the powers over policing and justice matters, including decisions like this, are removed from these unaccountable and unelected mandarins and placed into the hands of local politicians.”

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