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Sinn Féin completely committed to Equality and Human Rights

26 August, 2009 - by Maeve McLaughlin

Sinn Féin’s Equality and Human Rights spokesperson Martina Anderson has stated her party’s total commitment to creating a truly inclusive and equal society in Ireland.

Speaking today the Foyle MLA and Policing Board member said;

Sinn Féin stands on its record of challenging sectarianism, racism, homophobia and other forms of prejudice, intolerance and hate.

Sinn Féin has consistently campaigned for equality and rights for all. This is not hollow rhetoric but the essential foundations for building a society were prejudice, intolerance and hate has no place.

There are some that are opposed to equality and rights for all in our society. All parties must demonstrate political leadership to build a society based on these principles and opposed to prejudice, intolerance and hate.

Sin Féin has demonstrated though our work in the political institutions and on the ground that we are about building a society, in which everyone has a place, everyone has rights and everyone is treated equally.

Sinn Féin is working in communities to reduce the potential for conflict at interfaces and at sectarian parades. Can other parties stand over there actions?

Sinn Féin is working to address sectarian attacks and murder. Sinn Féin has continued to address sectarianism in the Coleraine area following the brutal murder of Kevin McDaid. Other parties have yet to acknowledge the level of sectarianism that exists in this area.

Sinn Féin has condemned and encouraged people to cooperate with the PSNI to tackle attacks on Orange Halls, GAA grounds and churches. Have other parties demonstrated that they respect such cultural bodies and places of worship?

Sinn Féin is working to address racism and Martin McGuiness again led from the front in meeting with the Roma families who were the victims of recent attacks. Caitríona Ruane, as Education Minister, has brought forward special initiatives to deal with the needs of Irish Travellers and Roma Children. What have the other parties done to meet the needs of ethnic minority communities?

Sinn Féin has been to the fore in tackling homophobia and attacks on the LGBT community. Sinn Féin has sought to have homophobia addressed in the CSI strategy, has campaigned for additional resources to meet the needs of this community and promoted there rights and entitlements. Sinn Fein has supported Pride throughout Ireland; one must look at the pronouncements and actions of other parties.

There are those who are opposed to Equality and Rights, who through their opposition to this, give succour to prejudice, intolerance and hate. Sinn Féin stands on its record on this issue.

We have a vision of the type of society we want to create and we are working to achieve it.” CRÍOCH

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