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Violence figures expose hypocrisy

9 March, 2004

Sinn Féin Assembly member Gerry Kelly has said that British government figures showing that unionist paramilitaries killed 7 people, carried out 135 shootings and 41 bombings in the 12 months up to January are a stark reminder of where the violent threat to the process comes from despite the continual focus on alleged republican activity.

Mr Kelly said:

"Unionist politicians and the British government are continually focused on allegations of IRA activity. They have used unsubstantiated allegations to defend the collapse and suspension of the institutions and as the rational for their failure to implement large parts of the Agreement.

"At the same time they have turned a blind eye to the ongoing activities of the unionist paramilitaries. The British government's own figures released today by Jane Kennedy show that unionist paramilitaries have in the 12 months up to January killed 7 people and carried out 135 shootings and 41 bombings.

"All of this has passed without little more than comment from either of the main unionist parties or indeed the British government. We have not had special review meetings to discuss these attacks. We have not had determinations from PSNI Chief Hugh Orde. We have not had commentary from the IMC.

"People within the nationalist and republican community are sick of the hypocrisy of the unionist politicians and the British government. They are frustrated at the obvious toleration of what is seen as an acceptable level of unionist violence against Catholics while at the same time threatening the process over allegations from securocrats over IRA activity." ENDS

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