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Statement from Sinn Fein MLA Paul Butler on his meeting today with the ACC Finlay, PSNI.

9 March, 2010

"I asked for today's meeting to seek a ban by the PSNI of a planned march by the 'Pride of the Village Flurte' band through the village of Stoneyford on St Patrick's Day. This band has never before paraded on St Patrick's Day but they have paraded many times on other days through out the year."I welcome the Parade Commission's strict determination, restricting this band's movement in the village on that day. As it stated itself this band's actions are a source of tension in the village. "But I am seeking more than a restriction."I want to see this parade banned and the PSNI have the power and authority to impose a ban."I seek this ban not on the basis that I believe that the Orange Order or indeed flute bands behaving responsibly with due regard and respect to other's feelings are entitled to march."I accept they have rights in relation to expressing publicly their cultural identity."But this band and the village of Stoneyford are a special case which require special attention and special measures to uphold community harmony and oppose displays of sectarian behaviour."The history of this band and the campaign of intimidation in this village against the catholic community deservesd such a ban."

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